Connect with other women from the Crossing

 We have powerful women bringing forth insight straight from their walk with the Father. 

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Kingdom Purpose with Corinne Gokcen and Hannah Lee
Nancy McKay's Tuesday In-person Bible Study

Dates: May 19|May 26
Time: 7pm
Event: Kingdom Purpose with Corinne Gokcen and Hannah Lee
Location: Worship Center
Kingdom Purpose
God has placed purpose in each and every one of us to do the work of the Kingdom, share His good news, and steward the resources that we have been given to bring light into the darkness. God is asking us to partner with Him in the very places He has planted us. Will you join Him?

Join us in person or watch us live on our YouTube Channel, the Crossing TV or Facebook.



    (the book is recommended but not essential)

End Date:  May 25
Time: 10-11:30
Room: 308
Facilitator: Nancy McKay
Follow required regulations with mask and distancing.

You are invited to go deeper into His presence by studying His Word!

The foundation for this study is the life-changing book, Into the Word,  by Anne Graham Lotz. 

If we want to know God’s will we have to know His Word. If we want to know His character we have to know His Word! If we want to know the way of the Kingdom and see God work His Kingdom through us to bring good to those we touch, we need to know the Word. It’s God's Word that unlocks our world!

His Word is KEY! It’s everything…the keys to His Kingdom begin in His Word! Come meet in person as we go deeper into the Word!

Yvonne's study has ended. She will resume her class on 9/14/21.