Connect with other women from the Crossing

 We have powerful teachers bringing forth insight straight from their walk with the Father. 

“Going Deeper with God”  Interview with Professor Bo Lee, Princeton Theological Seminary
Professor Bo will join us for a dynamic interview. She is gifted at sharing the way to deeper joy and awareness of God. Come take part in this interactive interview and Q & A at 7pm. If you’re seeking a deeper spiritual life, then invite a friend and come join us!
Location: Zoom (link and password available upon registration)
Time: Wednesday, March 3  from 7-8:30pm

Date: March10 
Time: 7pm
Event: Interview with Patti Ann Ridgway “Transforming our World”
Zoom: Join Zoom Meeting
God wants to use us in extraordinary ways, but we must live with anticipation of the extraordinary as we pursue Him with focused lives. Join us as we come together to encourage each other to walk with Him! Invite others for this interactive zoom interview!


    (the book is recommended but not essential)

Start Date: March 2nd 
Time: 10-11:30
Room: 308
Facilitator: Nancy McKay
Follow required regulations with mask and distancing.

You are invited to go deeper into His presence by studying His Word!

The foundation for this study is the life-changing book, Into the Word,  by Anne Graham Lotz. 

If we want to know God’s will we have to know His Word. If we want to know His character we have to know His Word! If we want to know the way of the Kingdom and see God work His Kingdom through us to bring good to those we touch, we need to know the Word. It’s God's Word that unlocks our world!

His Word is KEY! It’s everything…the keys to His Kingdom begin in His Word! Come meet in person as we go deeper into the Word!

Facilitator: Yvonne Eason 
Start Date: Study in progress
Time: Starts at 10am (already in progress, but you can still join us)

Topic / Theme of Study: Progressing into Fullness: We are exhorted to make “progress beyond the basic message of Christ and advance into perfection…” (Hebrews 6:1).

Join our study and explore the “Seven Lamps of God, which are the Seven Spirits of God” (Revelation 4:5), made manifest in the life and ministry of Jesus. Discover their importance and significance in your life today as you become one with Him (John 17:21-23) in will and purpose.

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