Dear Church Family,
As we enter this time of year, we all feel the pressures of dealing with Covid-19 for such a long time. Yet now, as you have probably heard, Covid-19 seems to be spreading even more quickly across our region and the country. Yes, these are challenging times. Sometimes life’s battles are more about endurance, rather than quick victories. This is one of the battles that calls for endurance. Please know I am keeping you all in my prayers, as we seek to walk through this time together.
I am writing to let you know that a member of our staff family was diagnosed today, Tuesday, November 17th with Covid-19. This staff person was in all three of our weekend worship services this past weekend, though we do not know if they were contagious when they worshipped with us. Of course, I ask that you join me in praying for their quick healing and recovery. Because of this and the rapid spread of the virus in our region, we are returning to one online worship service, and we are canceling all in person meetings at the church for the foreseeable future. Yes, we are all praying for the end to the virus, but faith also requires actions that walk in agreement with it.
You may have questions as to what all this might mean for our Advent plans and Christmas Eve services. At this point, I don’t know. We will see how the future unfolds. When you do not know your future, it’s always good to draw closer to the One who does. As more of future plans become clearer, we will communicate them through InstagramFacebook, our website, and email.  
May God’s grace continue to abound to us all.
Blessings and love,