Small Groups

What's a Small Group?

Small groups at the Crossing are made up of people just like you. Group members provide weekly support, study the Bible, and pray for one another. Some groups meet at homes while others meet at the Crossing.

In addition to the ongoing small groups,  we have short-term small groups that meet at the Crossing for a short period of time ranging from 5-7 weeks. Any short-term groups that are currently active, will be listed here.

Women's Short-term Groups

Visit our Women's page to find groups for women where you can get plugged in and encouraged.

Women's Short-term Groups

Zoom Small Groups 

Howard Hunter
Men's Group
Wednesdays, 6am for fellowship and 6:30am for READS Bible Study
Zoom Meeting & ID:

Howard  Ginger Hunter
2nd & 4th Thursday 7pm
Mixed group. READS group
Zoom Meeting: for password email  

In-person Meeting

Men's Group
We will be discussing God's Word and equipping each other to be good men for the Kingdom of God.
Location: Room 307 at the Crossing (For updates, contact Suhas)
Wednesdays (maintaining social distancing and following guidelines)
Mike Hutchinson
Men's Friday Morning
Time: 6:30am-8:30am
Location: Room 307 at the Crossing

Mike Lysak
Men's Friday Morning
Time: 6am
Location: Room 308 at the Crossing

Interested in joining a group?

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Got Questions about small groups? Check out our small group FAQ page.

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