Envision Membership Course

en-vi-sion: en-'vi-zhen

verb - to picture oneself; to imagine as possible

Next Membership Course:

There is no scheduled course at this time. 

You were made to walk your journey with God together with others who share a desire to live for God's purposes.

Envision your life:

  • The way God intended it to be
  • Committed to what really matters
  • Connected with people totally committed to faith that is alive!

This class serves as the Crossing church membership class.

Purpose of Class:

The Crossing Membership Course offers students and adults the opportunity to understand the PURPOSE of the Crossing and officially become a member of our body. Class members will learn the core values and beliefs of the church, and what it means to be a disciple and a functioning member of our body. At the conclusion of the class, class members will have an opportunity to join the church.


  1. Attend and actively participate in at least 5 of our 6 classes. 
  2. Anyone may attend the classes