At the Crossing, we believe that God is interested in healing.

The Crossing has two ways we pray for healing. We have Zoom Healing Rooms and In-person Healing Rooms where we pray for you to receive physical healing from illness

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Physical Healing Ministry

Here at The Crossing, we believe that God is always good, and it is always His will to heal. Healing is more about God's goodness and grace and the price Jesus paid than it is about our performance. God gives us great and precious promises in the Bible regarding health, healing, wholeness, and experiencing His righteousness, peace, and joy.

Both the in-person Healing Rooms or via ZOOM consists of teams of trained volunteers who believe in God's desire for our wholeness and healing and who believe that God answers prayer. We encourage you to read and declare those promises of God over yourself, thanking and praising Him for them. It is often beneficial to personalize His promises, speaking them in the first person between yourself and God. You can start right here!

The Crossing Healing Room Ministry is NOT a counseling ministry, pastoral ministry, or a medical unit of any kind. We are a ministry of prayer based on biblical truths as found in the Bible.


We have seen many healed by the Power of God! Hear testimonies of people like you who have experienced God's healing touch. 

Hear about their experiences!


Another option for our healing rooms is on the 4th Monday in person AND the second Sunday of the month at the Crossing.  If you have a healing testimony you would like to share, please email  . Register HERE for the June sessions.


We will schedule 2-3 trained volunteers to pray with you individually in your own breakout Zoom room. Register today for the June 6 and June 20 sessions, using this link here.