At the Crossing, we believe that God is interested in healing the whole person.

The Crossing has two ministries focused on healing: Healing Rooms where we pray for you to receive physical healing from illness and our Mashah Ministry, bringing you emotional healing to your soul. 

Our Healing Rooms are available either in-person or via Zoom.   


Physical Healing Ministry

Here at The Crossing, we believe that God is always good, and it is always His will to heal. Healing is more about God's goodness and grace and the price Jesus paid than it is about our performance. God gives us great and precious promises in the Bible regarding health, healing, wholeness, and experiencing His righteousness, peace, and joy.

Both the in-person Healing Rooms or via ZOOM consists of teams of trained volunteers who believe in God's desire for our wholeness and healing and who believe that God answers prayer. We encourage you to read and declare those promises of God over yourself, thanking and praising Him for them. It is often beneficial to personalize His promises, speaking them in the first person between yourself and God. You can start right here!

The Crossing Healing Room Ministry is NOT a counseling ministry, pastoral ministry, or a medical unit of any kind. We are a ministry of prayer based on biblical truths as found in the Bible.


We have seen many healed by the Power of God! Hear testimonies of people like you who have experienced God's healing touch. 

Hear about their experiences!

Register for our in-person Healing Rooms

We will now meet on the 4th Monday and 2nd Saturday in person at the Crossing.  If you have a healing testimony you would like to share, please email  Please note: there is no in-person prayer on Monday, December 27 to allow our team to rest and enjoy the Christmas season. 
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Register for our Healing Rooms via Zoom

We will schedule 2-3 trained volunteers to pray with you individually in your own breakout Zoom room. If you cannot make this appointment and need to cancel, please contact Pastor Amy, , so that she can let the team know they are not needed.
Zoom Appointment


Does God seem distant or unloving?  Are you spiritually, emotionally, or relationally bankrupt?  Are there things that God has empowered and called you to accomplish but you feel like you hit a wall over and over?  Mashah ministry exists to help you discover and remove the blocks in your life that keep you from experiencing God's love, power, emotional freedom, and health.  In Mashah, a team of two well-trained prayer ministers will help you discover and pray through places of hurt, pain, and confusion in an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality.  Those who have experienced ministry from a Mashah team have reported that they see life in a new way, are experiencing joy where there was despair, and confidence where there was anxiety and fear.  However, most important, they are walking closer to Jesus Christ and growing in relationship with him.

The Mashah Ministry is called to raise up children, youth, and adults who walk in freedom and wholeness through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by ministering God's love to people to heal their hurts and to strengthen and empower them to love and serve the Lord with their whole being. (See Ephesians 3:16-19) 

Mashah Testimonies

Hear stories of those who have been impacted by the Mashah ministry.

Mashah Application
In order to proceed with a Mashah appointment, an application must be completed and either mailed to the church office to the attention of Pastor Amy or emailed to
 Mashah Application

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have questions regarding our Mashah Ministry, you can email Pastor Amy at  or check out our list Q&A.
  Frequently Asked Questions

For a complete understanding of Mashah, watch this video: