Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a small group anyway?

The simple answer is people.  Small groups are people who gather together and share life with one another. 

What would I find people doing if I randomly dropped in on a small group?

You would find people hanging out together, talking, eating, laughing (and for some snorting!), reading and studying the Bible, more talking, more laughing, praying for each other, having fun together and building relationships. 

Why should I even bother with a small group?  I am so busy already?

Boy, can we relate! We are living in such a fast-paced society that every decision we make goes through personal checks and balances.  We all want to know this one main thing, "Is this worth my time?"  Small groups are totally worth your time because of one word - relationships!  Small groups will help you grow in your relationship with God and relationships with other people.  All the busyness and activity in our lives cannot compare with the good that will come from building those two relationships stronger. 

How can I find a small group that's right for me?

Small groups are like cars.  You have got to do a test drive before you buy it.  Go try a small group and see how you like it.  You may fall in love with the very first one you go to and never need to try another one. Or, you may walk away thinking, "That was nice, but not for me."  Our small groups are open to newcomers so just try one and don't feel weird about telling them, "I'm just trying different groups to see where I belong."  

Got more questions?  

We'd love to answer them and add them to our FAQ page.  

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