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Women's Tuesday Morning Bible Studies


Free Childcare is provided for children up to pre-school age.


Facilitator: Marge Conn
Cafe opens at 9:30am and the Bible study starts at 10am
Where: Room 307

Bible Study 1: The Names of God

When we read “God”, “the Lord”, even “the Lord God” in Scripture, we know the word refers to the Supreme Being…….but there is so much more behind the English translation of the actual words used!
Names today differentiate people from each other, link families and heritages, but in Biblical times they also were believed to reveal the essential nature or character of a person. This is especially true for the various Hebrew names that we translate “God”.  A rich revelation and understanding of God is possible through studying His names, and in what situations different ones were used. He wants us to know Him and His nature more deeply, and to use the greater access we have to Him, as we learn to pray using His different names. Praying His special names, with the understanding of what the name means, can add power and conviction to our prayer life. 

Material will be based on the Bible and books by award-winning Christian authors, Ann Spangler and Kay Arthur. We will study each Name of God, for its deeper meanings, and relevant scriptures that illustrate the character trait of God in that name. We will also have meaningful discussion on what this revelation means to us today, in our walk and in our prayer life.



Facilitator: Nancy McKay
Time:   Cafe opens at 9:30am and the Bible study starts at 9:45am  
Room 308

Bible Study 2:

Ladies, all are welcome to join our Bible study Tuesday mornings at 9:45! Our time together is joyful!! Our laughter is contagious and good for the soul. And our time spent in the Word strengthens us, encourages us and leads us on the path to victory! It is for freedom that Christ died, and we are in pursuit of that freedom for each woman who joins us. We encourage one another in prayer, and we rejoice over the answered prayers from God's hand of grace and power!  
In studying Gods Word, we find God’s will for us! Our end result is to magnify, glorify and praise the Name of the Lord!! For He is good...He is trustworthy and HE IS LORD!!  
Join us!! Study with us! Pray with us!! Laugh with us....and love the Lord with us!! 



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