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Dream Interpretation Class

Do you know that God speaks to you through your dreams? If so, then how do you recognize if you have a dream from God? What are some common dream symbols, types of dreams and ways of interpreting them?  What do you do with scary dreams and can you learn from dreams that are not messages from God?  And how do you know when you have a correct dream interpretation? 

This class is meant to help you develop an understanding of God’s parabolic language of the night season. Come and explore these and many more topics as you learn to remember and record your dreams.

When: Wednesday, April 25-May 16

Time: 7-9pm

Where: Room 307

Facilitators: Yvonne Eason & Robin Fickle

Requirements: Purchase the Dream Language by James W. & Michal Ann Goll book from The Crossing Bookstore.

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Dream Class

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