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Brief Overview of Prophetic Ministry 


The prophetic ministry exists to equip and train the body of Christ to hear the voice of the Father (John 10:27; John 16:12-15). This one of the most glorious promises given to us through the new covenant; that we all have the ability to know and hear God for ourselves. 


Our goal is to see the entire church, both locally and globally, immersed in a prophetic lifestyle (Acts 2; Joel 2). This is carried out in several ways here at The Crossing through:


Classes provide a safe space to learn biblical teaching concerning these wonderful revelatory gifts granted to us by the Holy Spirit. 


Trainings are more practical and hands on. We deal with the nuts and bolts of how the ministry times function. The focus during these sessions is more practice than teaching. 


Ministry is to do that which the Apostle Paul says comes as a result of the gift of prophecy being released in the Body to edify, exhort, and comfort the receivers (1 Cor. 14:3). Those on the prophecy team are serving our church and community by being willing receivers of revelation to encourage the work God is doing in the lives of His people. One way is in our Prophecy Rooms [read more here].  


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