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Welcome Ladies! 

Our 2017 Victory Conference is already being covered in prayer!  We are anticipating a powerful conference full of healing, impartation and God encounters.  Since God calls us into community we will make this journey together as we get to know other ladies and encourage one another. It is guaranteed to be a time of refreshing and empowerment.

This year, there will be 6 workshops, 2 speakers and our returning worship leader, Angel. New to this year, you can customize your experience by registering for what you want!

Tickets are on sale now through September 1, 2017. However, take advantage of the early-bird rates effective now until July 14th. 

For all the details and to register: needvictory.com

If you have problems with registering, please email

 Please note: Inclement Weather Policy for Women's AM Bible Studies only:
If Council Rock School District is closed or has a delayed opening,
Women's Tuesday Morning Bible Studies will be cancelled.
(Check out the Council Rock Homepage to confirm)

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord 

Today’s believers are experiencing dire situations that were not known in the last half century.  Stresses in the home, at work, and in our world take a tremendous toll on us, leaving too many wallowing in a sense of personal failure and losing hope for a successful future.  God does provide the answers.

We will be studying Scriptural keys using Bill Johnson’s series “Strengthen Yourself In the Lord”.  Through teaching, discussion, and videos we will be seeing how to encourage ourselves, how to overcome seriously bad days, how to stay connected to the destiny God has for us, how to access Heaven’s door, and how to use thanksgiving to defeat Satan.  Good Scripture examples and enlightening personal examples.

Come for opening worship, good study, good fellowship, sharing and prayer.

Facilitator: Margery Conn
Location: Room 307
Time: Cafe opens 9:30 am; Study begins at 10:00 am

In His Shadow Study

"In His Shadow" is a topical Bible study covering diverse subjects.  We will begin a study this Fall on the subject of Hope.  Studying God's Word shows us what happens when God's children dared to live with hope. Join us for sharing, caring and the study of The Word.

Facilitator: Nancy McKay
Location: Room 308 
Time: Cafe opens 9:30 am; Study begins at 10:00 am

Spring Bible Study

Facilitator: Yvonne Eason

Location:Room 307

Time: Cafe opens 9:30am; Study begins at 10am

Dates: Tuesday, May 23rd to Tuesday, June 13th

More Information coming soon! 

 Small Group


A "group centered on sharing God's love by showing his beauty".  Many of the students have shared their creations with people who were sick or in need of a "pick me up".  The group is being guided to use the flowers to open doors so that they can share God's word and love. The students pay for their materials or work with donated products.   

WhenCheck the 2017 Schedule Here 

Where: Room 405 

Cost: There is a $15.00 fee for flowers

Contact: Email Deborah at


Mentoring Ministry

Mentoring Women
Mentoring, here at the Crossing, involves persons of faith who affirm others spiritually in order to help them grow and mature in their faith.  Someone who mentors is characterized by a joyful spirit in spite of the trials of life, and is known to maintain an on-going relationship with Jesus Christ, expressing love and devotion to Him from the heart.  Mentors love to be in the company of others without competing; they can rejoice at the triumphs of friends, and weep with them when they are in turmoil.

Crossing mentors are women dedicated to following the examples of the Lord Jesus Christ given in Scripture.  We offer to come alongside other women who are willing to grow in faith.  We are devoted to helping mentees develop a deeper understanding of themselves, allowing a clearer picture of where they need to grow in order to have a character more like that of Jesus Christ.  We also assist women beginning the process of making life-long personal changes.

The theme of this ministry is “Keeping the Character of Christ," and is outlined in monthly mentor-mentee sessions.  Each session includes an objective, and is designed to facilitate discussion and activities for spiritual formation.

Each mentor strives to remain true to the Lord’s heart and His ways in this venture, and may we all be blessed in our giving and in our receiving.

Remember, it is Jesus who said, “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  (Matthew 25:40 NIV)

If you would like a mentor, please contact .

Coming Summer 2017 Two Bible Studies

PETTICOATS and BIBLES: Our Founding Mothers, Faith, and Legacy

Facilitator: Kellee Blake

Dates: July 11th, 18th & 25th

Time: 10am-11:30am

Where: Room 307

Today’s Christian women often feel  isolated and undermined in their efforts to promote and nurture Christian values in their homes and communities.  Want some new ideas?  Look to the wisdom of our founding mothers!

Martha Washington, Elizabeth Rodney, Abigail Adams, Eliza Hamilton, Dolley Madison, and other founding mothers lived through triumphs and tragedies in their own rapidly changing times. Some struggled to fit in, a few husbands strayed, babies died and businesses ended, yet these women sought the Lord and in Him found an indomitable strength and direction to become the great women of their day and beyond.  Their stories will entertain, encourage, and inspire you to create your own legacy of faith!


Facilitator: Ester Smith

Time: 7pm

Dates: Thursdays, June 22nd to July 13th

Location: TBD

More information coming soon!

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