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Faith Promise

Faith Promise

What is Faith Promise? We financially support several people who are on mission to the world and consider the Crossing as their home church. The means by which we support them financially is our Faith Promise budget.  Faith Promise is an offering made above one's tithe to the church to help support the endeavor of impacting the world for Jesus Christ.  To give to Faith Promise, you can either write "Faith Promise" on the memo line of your check, or when you donate on-line select "Faith Promise" under the Categories & Funds dropdown menu.

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Faith Promise

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Current Full-time Missionaries


Below are descriptions of our international and domestic missionaries.
 The ToccosPaul, Donna and Josiah Tocco are missionaries to Kenya (since 1993) and are the founders of Word Ablaze Ministries. The Toccos established Word Ablaze Bible Institute, a boarding facility, to provide training to indigenous pastors and leaders, equipping them to reach their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Paul and Donna also coordinate outreaches to the poor, widows, and orphans in the city dump and in remote villages. They also host short-term mission teams for various outreaches.  
Watch this video in which the Paul and Donna describe some of the work they are doing in Kenya.

 Snider Family - missionaries in KensingtonJim and Jenifer Snider, along with their family, minister to the physical and spiritual needs of homeless, needy families through Cast Your Cares Ministry in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, PA.  Offering food, water, clothing, and the life-changing gospel message, their desire is to "Reclaim, Rebuild, and Capture the Heart of the City and put it back in the Body of Christ". 

Watch this vision video in which Jim Snider expresses thanks for the ways the Crossing helps in ministry to the needy in Kensington.

  Loessers Photo - Photo of Chris and Christine...Chris and Christine Loesser serve with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at The College of New Jersey.   They oversee a vibrant, growing faith community on campus.  Their desire is to see all ministry at TCNJ flow from a place of intimacy with God.  Chris and Christine love seeing student leaders empowered to go out and "be Jesus" and be missional on campus.  Each May, they are thrilled to commission TCNJ's graduating seniors, sending them out into the world and the workplace, to be a force for good and for God!

Watch this vision video in which Chris and Christine Loesser describe their work at TCNJ with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, and how they see God moving there.  

   Joe and Stacy Paolella are missionaries with Young Life, which is an international outreach to secular, non-Christian teenagers.  Joe has been with Young Life for 41 years. He serves as an evangelist to teenagers and college students, and disciples and trains Young Life staff in the New York Division of Young Life.

  After serving seven years in Central Asia, Chris and Kyunghi Brown have felt the Lord leading them to a new ministry. This ministry builds from what they have done in the past: church planting (starting new churches where they do not currently exist) and Missional Business (real business with real mission), often referred to as BAM (Business as Mission). This offers a strategic way of reaching out to new areas where the Gospel has not yet gone. In Korea, their new base of operations, they will be setting up systems to help members of their organization create missional businesses in areas where the most unreached live. Included in their task is recruiting business people to serve overseas are the following: training business people to do cross-cultural ministry and church planters to do business, recruiting, training and partnering mentors with workers on the field, and developing seed funding for new businesses. The goal of all the above is to enable a new generation of workers to go and be successful in both business and seeing churches established in the least reached areas of the world.

Jen and George Fleischmann are serving the Lord in Vienna, Austria. Since the birth of their daughter, Annika Elisabeth, Jen’s ministry has shifted to, first of all, caring for their daughter and then: sharing Christ’s love with other international friends (including new moms), translating newsletters for Heart Factory (a ministry to prostitutes), and tutoring in German and/or English. God has planted them in a quiet, green part of the city and linked their lives with new neighbors, including several international Christians and some open-hearted Austrians.  Jen loves being home with Annika in this setting! As a religion teacher, George has the opportunity to share his faith with local kids at an elementary and middle school. He is also working on completing his coursework to become certified to teach German. They know they are “blessed to be a blessing”!  Watch this video to find out more!

 Map of KoreaJi-Yoon Kim* writes: I am currently partnering with a church plant that my college friend formerly pastored/planted; this English Ministry works closely in relationship with a local Korean Church. There is a heart to do ministry with Korean Nationals with a focus especially on the college campuses, as there are 4 major universities nearby and many young Koreans have fallen away from the church. Overall, the Korean Church is struggling and now it appears that it's the English Ministries that have a key role to reach the younger generation, as the English language and Western thinking and culture are so relevant and influential here. My official title at church at this time is as their Admin and I am part of what is now called the Leadership Council, which operates similar to a deacon board. We played a key role in this entire church transition.
My main focus, however, is my role as the liaison with an NGO, LNKM (Love North Korea Ministries). It now actually stands for New Korea, as there are preparations for the eventual reunification of this peninsula, and I believe this is to be my role. The ministry is all about loving the people there and building relationships via working for the beneficial development inside North Korea. I am preparing to go there in the summer and possibly make other trips in the future. 

 Erika GokcenErika Jale Gokcen ministers to refugees in France. After serving in France for a year, she witnessed firsthand the overwhelming needs of refugees and her heart was moved to action. She began praying about a word God gave her nine years ago during a seven nights of praise at the Crossing that one day she would start a ministry called “Transformed to Hope.” In response to the great need and opportunity to reach refugees in France, Transformed to Hope was formed for “such a time as this.” Erika now works with local believers to organize outreaches to refugees in order to care for their basic needs and share the transforming hope of the gospel.

 Lee Profile page.jpgDR. J. Lee Simmons is Founder and International Director of Missio Global Ministries. 
Birthed with a passion to obey the Great Commission, Missio Global Ministries works to fulfill the vision God has given to us of reaching and discipling one million souls for Christ worldwide. But how can this be accomplished? How can it be possible the reach and disciple one million people?
The answer lies in the power of multiplication. The Lord led us to seek partnerships with local churches around the world to establish 100 schools of ministry, with each school having a goal of training 100 ministers, and each graduate's mission in life being to reach and disciple at least 100 people for Christ. This simple multiplication will yield one million disciples for Christ!
The primary tool to fulfill our mission is the Missio Global School of Ministry (MGSOM), a church-based ministry training school that is led by the local church leadership. 
You can read more on this ministry HERE.

Felicity Smith
Imagine a place where Muslims from around the world are encountering the Gospel for the first time. Imagine a place where young people who have never experienced the touch of Jesus stand astonished as, all unexpected, He heals them. This is happening at Virginia Tech where Felicity Smith is serving on staff with Chi Alpha Campus Ministry.
Felicity served in the ministry as a student leader for three years. Then, on graduation, she felt the clear call from Jesus to make this her full-time ministry because in grace, God is moving in a very special way on that campus. God has used Felicity to impact people groups from a score of nations and religions, particularly Muslims and Hindus. Over this past year, dozens of students have received physical healing and experienced the love of God through the ministry.
Felicity senses the call of God on her life to see more students, domestic and international, not only come to know the saving grace found in Christ alone, but also to learn to hear His voice and walk with Him. Felicity’s mission is to see students reconciled to Christ, awakened to the powerful love and voice of the Father, and empowered to reach the lost on Virginia Tech’s campus, in the workplace, and around the world. 

Missions Policy

The Crossing's Mission Policy describes our ministry philosophy and guidelines around missions.  It also contains the necessary applications and forms for both short and long-term missionaries.  A PDF copy is available as a download (click here).  For those making an application, a Word version can be requested by emailing Pastor Pierre.

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